Assignment 2

Due Wednesday, February 10, 2016 via sakai prior to 6:25pm


Please answer the questions precisely and concisely. Every question can be answered in one or at most a few sentences. I will not have the patience to read long paragraphs or essays and you may lose credit for possibly correct answers.

Submit your work via sakai as a plain text or pdf document. No Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, ePub, et cetera formats.


Text: Chapter 2 pages 83-96 (sections 2 through 2.1.4),
pages 156-168 (sections 2.7 through 2.7.2)
For questions 1-3.
End to End Principle in Internet Architecture as a Core Internet Value
For question 4.


  1. [Kurose & Ross text: Page 169, question R2.]
    What is the difference between network architecture and application architecture?
  2. [Kurose & Ross text: Page 169, question R6.]
    Suppose you wanted to do a transaction from a remote client to a server as fast as possible. Would you use UDP or TCP? Why?
  3. [Kurose & Ross text: Page 178, question P34.]
    We have seen that Internet TCP sockets treat the data being sent as a byte stream but UDP sockets recognize message boundaries. What is one advantage nd one disadvantage of byte-oriented API versus having the API explicitly recognize and preserve application-defined message boundaries?
  4. Read End to End Principle in Internet Architecture as a Core Internet Value
    The end-to-end principle is a core design principle of the Internet. What is the end-to-end principle?