Week 12: Clusters

Lecture notes:
Lecture slides (6 per page)
Supplemental notes:
How long do hard drives actually live for?, by Sebastian Anthony, ExtremeTech, November 12, 2013.
Article on the Stratus ftServer W Series 4300; an example of a fault-tolerant architecture offering hot failover.
Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) home
Load-Balancing Internet Servers, IBM International Technical Support Organization, December 1997
interview: Dan Pritchett on Architecture at eBay
The eBay architecture, November 29, 2006
SD Forum 2006 slide presentation by Randy Shoup and Dan Pritchett of eBay.
EBay Architecture
Todd Hoff's article in High Scalability

fault tolerance, cluster, single system image, availability, failover, cold/warm/hot failover, multi-directional failover, cascading failover, RAID, shared disk, shared nothing, heartbeat, load balancing.