Week 12: OpenID & OAuth

Lecture notes:
OpenID and OAuth are covered in the Authentication (6 per page) lecture slides.
Supplemental notes:
OpenID Connect, Google Identity Platform
OAuth-OpenID: You’re Barking Up the Wrong Tree if you Think They’re the Same Thing
Mahemoff's Blog at http://softwareas.com
OAuth 2.0 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Brief intro to OAuth 2.0
The OpenID Book: A Comprehensive Guide to OpenID Protocol and Running OpenID Enabled Web Sites. Rafeeq Ur Rehman, © 2008, Conformix Technologies Inc.
The introduction spans pages 21-35. The protocol is described in pages 57-91. This link is for a draft version. The original link no longer works.
The OpenID web site.
What is OpenID?
Wikipedia article on OpenID
OpenID, Identity Provider, relying party, HTTP redirect, shared secret.