Week 2: Remote Procedure Calls

Lecture notes:
Remote Procedure Calls
Lecture slides (6 per page)
RPC case studies slides (6 per page)
Recitation notes:
Programming with Java RMI
Sample programs:
rmidemo.tar - Java RMI demo

Supplemental notes:
Getting Started Using Java™ RMI, Oracle Java SE Documentation.
Understanding distributed garbage collection, Java RMI, IBM SDK for Java.
Microsoft .NET Remoting: A Technical Overview by Piet Obermeyer and Jonathan Hawkins, MSDN, Microsoft Corporation, July 2001
Remote procedure call, language level construct, operating system level construct, stub functions, passing parameters, marshaling, canonical data encoding, implict typing, explicit typing, semantics of remote procedure calls, idempotent, non-idempotent
Sun RPC:
XDR (eXternal Data Representation), rpcgen, RPC compiler, interface definition language, portmapper
uuidgen, cell, cell directory server,
Microsoft COM+:
COM, surrogate process, monikers, ORPC, MIDL, interface pointer, distributed garbage collection, reference counting, pinging
Java RMI:
Remote Method Invocation, remote interfaces, remote class, serializable class, rmic, rmiregistry
Web services: