Week 4: Group Communication

Lecture notes:
Group communication
Group communication - Lecture slides (6 per page)
Supplemental notes:
Tutorial: The Wizardry of Multicast, Network Computing, February 19, 2001
Internet Multicast Today, by Mark Handley and Jon Crowcoft, The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 2, No. 4.
Internet Group Management Protocol, Wikipedia article.
Internet Multicast Protocol, Cisco Systems, Cisco Wiki.
RFC 3376: Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 3
RFC 2236: Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 2
RFC 1112: Host Extensions for IP Multicasting (IGMP, version 1)
IPv4 Multicast Address Space Registry , Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.
Anycast Addressing on the Internet, John Kristoff
Introduction to IGMP for IPTV Networks, Scott Shoaf, Marc Bernstein, Juniper Networks, June 2006.
Multicast DNS, Wikipedia article.
Group, point-to-point, unicast, multicast, broadcast, multicast address, group coordinatorm, closed group, open group, peer group, hierarchical group, centralized group membership, distributed group membership, synchronous membership, reliability, atomicity, atomic multicast, reliable multicast, negative acknowledgement, unreliable multicast, message ordering, FIFO, global time ordering, total ordering, partial ordering, causal ordering, sync ordering, unordered multicast, IP multicast, host group, ethernet multicast, multicast promiscuous mode, class D address, IGMP, PIM, join, leave, flooding, PIM Dense Mode, PIM Sparse Mode.