Week 4: State Machine Replication and Virtual Synchrony

Lecture notes:
Virtual Synchrony - Lecture notes
Virtual Synchrony - Lecture slides (6 per page)
Supplemental notes:
Birman, Ken, A History of the Virtual Synchrony Replication Model, Cornell University.
Ken Birman is the father of virtual synchrony
Kenneth P. Birman and Thomas A. Joseph, Exploiting Virtual Synchrony in Distributed Systems, © 1987 ACM.
Navaneeth Rameshan, How are Paxos and Virtual Synchrony related?, Quora.com article
Active-passive, active-active, replicas, process group, fail-silent faults, fail-stop faults, fail-recover faults, synchronous vs. asynchronous networks, two-army problem, group view, view change, barrier, group membership service, state transfer, stable message, unstable message, message flush