Week 6: TCP (Transport Layer: Part 2)

TCP: sequence numbers, acknowledgements, timeouts, reliable data transfer, flow control, connection management, congestion control.

Lecture notes:
TCP - Lecture slides (6 per page)
Recitation notes:
TCP - Review slides (6 per page)
Terms with which you should be familiar:
Full duplex service, send buffer, receive buffer, protocol encapsulation, Maximum Segment Size (MSS) vs. Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), Path MTU, Path MTU Discovery, IP pseudo header (for checksum), 1s complement, sequence number, receive window, acknowledgement number, piggybacked acknowledgements, cumulative acknowledgements, duplicate acknowledgements, delayed acknowledgement, smoothed round-trip time (SRTT), exponential weighted moving average, RTT variation (RTTVAR), TCP timeout, TCP fast retransmit, three duplicate acknowledgements, selective acknowledgements (SACK), Receive window probing, three-way handshake (SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK), initial sequence number, SYN Flooding attack, MSS announcement, connection teardown (FIN, ACK, TIME_WAIT state), congestion control, congestion window, self-clocking, bandwidth probing, Additive Increase (AI), Multiplicative Decrease (MD), AIMD, Slow Start, Slow Start Threshold (ssthresh), Congestion Avoidance, Fast Recovery.