Assignment 1

Due Wednesday September 27, 2017 via sakai


Please answer the questions precisely and concisely. Every question can be answered in one or at most a few sentences. I will not have the patience to read long paragraphs or essays and you may lose credit for possibly correct answers.

Note: submissions must be be plain text or pdf files or HTML within sakai.


Google Code University, Introduction to Distributed System Design
Google Code University is no longer supported by Google but this cached introduduction to distributed system design is still relevant.
Wikipedia, Internet protocol suite
Brief overview of some of the protocols that make up IP networking.
Wikipedia, Best-effort delivery
Brief definition of best-effort delivery.


1. How does an omission failure differ from a general network failure?

2. How does caching differ from replication?

2. IP is based on the concept of best-effort delivery. How does this differ from reliable delivery?

3. What is a role of the network layer (called the internet layer in the wikipedia article)?

4. What is an advantage of using TCP over UDP?